Living in Australia the one thing you don’t want to go without is A/C in your car. On a hot summer day, a 10-minute car ride can feel like you’ve just taken a trip around the sun and back. If you are finding that your Vehicles A/C just doesn’t get as cold as it used to then you are probably due for a service. Let our qualified Mechanics get you’re A/C back to working optimum condition.

Hopefully as a vehicle owner you never have to experience the scenario of your car being stranded on the side of the road. If you find yourself in this situation give us a call as we offer a fully licensed and insured towing service.

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We’re an authorised log book service provider, which means that bringing your car to us won’t affect your car manufacturer’s warranty. Log book servicing is conducted by our qualified mechanics and our workshop is fitted with the latest diagnostic equipment so we can service all vehicle types.

To keep your vehicle running smoothly on the road it is recommended to have it serviced often by a licenced mechanic. We do all types of servicing from your routine oil change to timing belts. We will make sure your car stays on the road and get the TLC that it needs.

If you are thinking it's time for a suspension upgrade or that your car just doesn’t feel like it's braking as smooth as normally then book in today for a brakes and suspension systems repair, service or upgrade.

Using some of the latest technology in diagnostics we can go over your vehicle and make sure you are fault free. Let our licensed Auto electricians look after your vehicles electrical issues.

We are fully equipped to handle all things tyre related. From upgrading your 4x4 with some new mud tyres, to giving your daily driver a new set. We are able to cover every aspect from supply to fitting. We'll even fix that annoying flat that you keep getting. We have got you covered!

Owning a vehicle comes with the risk of something going wrong or breaking and your vehicle breaking down. If you happen to have an issue with your vehicle or a breakdown we will go above and beyond to make sure we do everything possible to get your vehicle back on the road running smoothly.